West Coast Branding Project

6 December 2017

The creation of a brand which promotes awareness and value for the West Coast region, its products and experiences across all industries is the aim of a new project being jointly managed by the West Coast Council and the local tourism association.

Advertising for the recruitment of a specialist consultant to work with the West Coast community to develop the brand has commenced.

“A new brand is seen as key to growing economic development and business investment on the West Coast,” West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers said.

“We know that the West Coast is a great place to work, live and visit – but we want the rest of the world to know that too and a strong brand will help build our population,” the Mayor said.

The need to refresh the West Coast brand was first highlighted during community engagement sessions as part of the creation of the West Coast Community Plan 2025 and was further recognised when developing the West Coast Destination Action Plan.

The West Coast Branding Project has received strong support from the State Government, including a funding contribution and will be overseen by a management team consisting of representatives from West Coast Council and the local tourism association.

“The West Coast for many year was the tourism leader for all of Tasmania, however in recent years has lost its identity. This project is welcomed by the West Coast tourism industry as it brings with it a new sense of purpose and opportunity for not only tourism, but the entire economy,” Chair of the West Coast Tourism Association Anthony Brown said of the project. 

“We have thousands of hectares of unique wilderness, including a World Heritage Area, and so many different ways to experience it.  In addition we have communities that are all unique. We look forward to working closely with Council on this project and discovering the true potential of what this branding strategy can bring to the West Coast,” Mr Brown said.

Consultants have until 20 December to submit expressions of interest to Council, with the project – including community engagement – to be rolled out in 2018.  Interested consultants can contact Council’s Acting Economic Development & Tourism Coordinator for further information regarding project parameters and to obtain the project brief.

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