Swimming Pool Weather Policy Changed

29 November 2017

West Coast Swimming Pools will have extended opening hours this season following a move by the West Coast Council General Manager to alter the policy which determines when the Council-operated pools will be open.

In September the Council adopted the West Coast Aquatic Facilities Strategy, a comprehensive report providing recommendations for the operations and future provision of swimming pool facilities in the region.  Several changes to operations were adopted in order to reduce operating costs and allow essential works to be completed.  For 2017-2018 this included closing the Zeehan Pool to enable infrastructure improvements to occur and the adoption of a Temperature-Based Opening Hours Policy.  This policy recommended the pools only open when the weather is forecast eighteen degrees or higher.

“After consideration of several factors, including the recent weather conditions, I am pleased to advise that the operating hours policy has been altered from an eighteen degree minimum forecast to sixteen degrees,” Council General Manager Dirk Dowling announced today.

“This ultimately widens the opportunity for people to utilise the great facilities we have at the Queenstown and Rosebery Swimming Pools whilst also still in keeping with the overall aim of the Aquatic Facilities Strategy to look at new ways of operating the facilities to ensure their long-term provision.”

The Queenstown and Rosebery Swimming Pools will open for the 2017-2018 on Friday 1 December.  Weather forecasts will be checked at approximately 4.30pm daily, with facilities to close the following day if the Bureau of Meteorology has forecasted a maximum of less than sixteen degrees.

Approved program bookings are able to proceed even if pools are not open for public recreational swimming.

“Council will be implementing a comprehensive communications strategy to ensure maximum notification of any closures, including SMS alerts, social media, radio and notices at the pools,” Mr Dowling said.

Residents wishing to receive SMS alerts can register at the Council office or via http://eepurl.com/daAPBP.

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