Macquarie Harbour Waste Discharge

3 November 2017

West Coast Council does not support the discharge of waste from the aquaculture industry into Macquarie Harbour.

The matter was discussed at the October Council meeting, with a determination to seek confirmation from Tassal as to the options they are considering for disposal of waste water from the Macquarie Harbour operations.

Since the meeting, Tassal has confirmed that disposal directly into the Harbour remains on the table as a viable option.

“Whilst Council’s position has always been that we are guided by the EPA in regulating the aquaculture industry, Councillors have unanimously agreed that the dumping of waste both into and outside Macquarie Harbour is not viewed as acceptable by both Council and the wider West Coast community,” West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers stated.

As such Council has written to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advising of this.

“There are a number of options that need to be seriously considered in much more detail, along with more engagement with the wider West Coast community, before a final decision should be made,” the Mayor said.

Council remains in contact with Tassal regarding the potential to develop other, more suitable, alternatives for the disposal of waste and will continue to respect any decisions of the EPA, whilst also ensuring the concerns of the West Coast community are heard and addressed.



“Council is aware that other waste discharge options are being investigated and that this is a complex process.  If Tassal has taken the option of discharging waste at Macquarie Harbour off the table, such a move would be welcomed by both Council and the wider West Coast community.   

The previous media release from Council was not intended to cause confusion.  The West Coast community had indicated their concerns to Council and we are pleased with the outcome that waste will not be discharged into, or outside, the Harbour.

We look forward to further communication from Tassal, along with appropriate consultation with the broader West Coast community, as we all believe a more suitable alternative is possible.”

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