TasPorts Partnership Delivers New Sign

10 October 2017

A partnership between West Coast Council and TasPorts has resulted in a new information sign being installed in Strahan.

Located along the Esplanade, next to the West Coast Visitor Information Centre, the previous sign was in desperate need of an update with many details requiring a change.  With TasPorts implementing a multi-million dollar upgrade to the Strahan Wharf precinct, working together to replace the sign was obvious says West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers.

“The sign is located on TasPorts property and has for many years been a key point for tourists to gather information whilst making their way around Strahan. Partnering with TasPorts has been a great way to ensure the sign has a fresh design and that the information visitors receive is correct,” the Mayor said.

Building partnerships with organisations with strong connections to the West Coast is a key component of the West Coast Community Plan 2025, a document which outlines the outcomes to be delivered by Council, the community and partners leading up to year 2025.

“The WCCP2025 document recognised that Council alone cannot deliver everything that is needed on the West Coast and upgrade of this sign, whilst seemingly small in the scheme of things, is a fine example of how by working together things can be achieved,” Mayor Vickers said.  “The support of TasPorts through the process of updating, designing and installing this new sign has been fantastic, with great assistance provided to Council staff.”

The partnership with TasPorts will further develop over coming months, with Council committing a contribution of $75,000 at its September meeting towards a streetscape upgrade for a section of the Esplanade in Strahan.

“TasPorts are doing a magnificent job in upgrading the wharf area to ensure it can deliver required services into the future.  A section of the works is connected to Council-owned land and we are pleased to be able to contribute funds towards upgrading this section of the streetscape to ensure a consistent design in the area. To complete these works at the same time makes sense and reduces costs than if we were to wait and manage as a separate project,” the Mayor explained.

The Strahan Wharf Remediation Project is expected to continue into 2018.  For more information on the TasPorts project please visit http://projects.tasports.com.au/.

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