GM Signs New Contract

28 July 2017

West Coast Council will have Dirk Dowling as its leader for a further three years, with the General Manager signing his new contract on Tuesday.

Mr. Dowling moved to the West Coast from Queensland following his appointment as General Manager in 2014.  At the May Council meeting, Councillors voted to reappoint Mr Dowling to the position when his current contract expires in December. 

“I’m excited to continue to work with Councillors and staff to ensure the West Coast community have a Council that is sustainable and providing the best services it can for its community,” Mr. Dowling said.  “The West Coast is a stunning place and I love living here.”

Key on his agenda will be completion of several studies which will provide the West Coast with direction on vital projects moving forward.

“We have a busy year ahead again, with completion of some critical work including the Land Use Planning Project, West Coast Aquatic Facilities Study, Strahan Airport Feasibility Study and the Waste Transfer Station Master Plan, along with a review of the Sport and Recreation Plan.  This is in addition to an ambitious $5mil capital works program that will see vital infrastructure works completed across the municipality,” the General Manager said.

Mayor Phil Vickers commended Mr Dowling on his efforts to date, “Dirk has put his hand up to consolidate Council operations, which has included making some hard decisions at times.  His commitment to Council and the region is evident by the passion in which he has undertaken these tasks.”

GM & Mayor contract

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