West Coasters encouraged to submit budget items

6 March 2017

West Coast residents and ratepayers have the opportunity to be directly involved in the delivery of projects and infrastructure, with West Coast Council encouraging the public to submit items for consideration as part of their 2017-2018 budget deliberations.

Any ideas our community have about projects, large or small, can be submitted as part of this process.

“All submissions will be reviewed and taken into consideration, with a priority focus to achieve a balanced budget whilst ensuring we can continue to pursue the community vision adopted in the West Coast Community Plan 2025.” West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers said.

To ensure a considered budget is adopted West Coast councillors will be touring the West Coast during March to view potential areas and projects for budget items.

‘It is important that as representatives of all our communities we have a clear understanding of where potential budget items will impact,” Mayor Vickers said.

Continuing with Council’s commitment to engage with its community, a public meeting will be held in May to present and explain the 2017-2018 Annual Plan and Budget.

Public submissions for priority budget items will be accepted until Friday 31 March, with more information available at Council’s website, offices and agencies. Council will then assess and review proposed items before adopting the final 2016-2017 budget in May.

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