Council to add voice to cointainer deposit scheme

19 January 2017

West Coast Council has carried a motion to provide in principle support to the establishment of a container deposit scheme in Tasmania.

The motion, put forward by Councillor Lyn O’Grady, was based upon the belief that a container deposit scheme would add to Tasmania’s clean image, whilst also reducing waste in landfill. 

“We understand that as a Council it is beyond our capacity to establish such a scheme,” West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers said following the meeting.  “In carrying the motion the Council has agreed to lobby the State Government to introduce a scheme, adding our voice to many in the community who want to see Tasmania join all other states in providing a container deposit scheme.”

The first meeting for 2017 also saw General Manager Dirk Dowling provide a quarterly budget update, with the budget in line with expectations for the third quarter.

“Work is continuing in relation to improve financial administrative processes to ensure best practice is achieved and overall the budget is tracking well, with our capital works programme in full swing,” Mr. Dowling said.

Council also noted a $200 donation made to Queenstown resident Brooklyn Gherke to cover costs associated with acceptance on the Young Endeavour experience.  The donation was made via the Mayor’s Contingency Fund and in accordance with the Financial and In-Kind Assistance Policy.

The next meeting of West Coast Council will be held Tuesday 21 February at the Council Chambers in Queenstown.

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