Zeehan meeting aims to set bushfire planning in motion

17 October 2016

Zeehan residents are encouraged to attend a community meeting focusing on bushfire safety.

The meeting, organised by the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) in partnership with West Coast Council, will see the launch of the Community Bushfire Mitigation Plan for Zeehan and the Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods Program in the area.

General Manager Dirk Dowling will also make a presentation about Council’s Weed Management activities and involvement with the West Coast Weed Management Group.

Council has commended the work of TFS Bushfire Planning Officer Lyell Dean in developing the Community Bushfire Mitigation Plan with the community.  “The detail involved in developing this plan, along with the level of collaboration achieved between TFS and key stakeholders including the Zeehan community, Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, Council and the West Coast Weed Management Group is outstanding,” West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers stated. 

The Community Bushfire Mitigation Plan aims to address community concern regarding fire and weed infestation surrounding Zeehan and will see collaborative burn coordination between agencies.

“Tasmania Fire Service’s Fuel Reduction Program will fund the initial establishment cost for developing Fuel Modified Buffer Zones and upgrading strategic fire trails identified as important fire management infrastructure for Zeehan,” Lyell Dean said. 

The Mitigation Plan will allow many stakeholders to work in partnership on bushfire priorities for Zeehan.  The involvement of the TFS Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods Program in the community plays a valuable role in linking residents to this partnership.

“The Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods Program focuses on building a shared responsibility approach to bushfire preparedness through recognising that individuals, communities and the Tasmania Fire Service all play a part,” TFS Community Development Officer Suzette Harrison said.

Activities that could potentially be held in Zeehan as part of the Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods Program include property assessments, information sessions, survival planning workshops and field days.

“The Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods Program has proven successful in helping other Tasmanian communities and will see the Zeehan community become directly involved in bushfire preparation as they build resilience while working together,” Mayor Vickers said. 

Following presentations there will be an opportunity for attendees to ask questions, “This is a fantastic opportunity for Zeehan residents to learn first-hand about the work being done to reduce bushfire hazards in their community, we look forward to a strong turn-out to the meeting,” West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers said.  

The meeting will be held at the Zeehan Fire Station on Saturday 22 October from 11am.  People interested in attending, or with queries, should RSVP to Suzette Harrison on telephone 64 346 709 or email suzette.harrison@fire.tas.gov.au

Zeehan Bushfire meeting flyer

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