Nil rates rise, code of conduct adopted by Council

28 June 2016

A zero percent general rate rise was adopted by West Coast Council at its June meeting last week.

Council by majority voted to provide the community with rate relief for the coming year with Mayor Phil Vickers stating, “Given the difficult economic climate being experienced by the community and with the current Council finding real savings in the last eighteen months, absorbing a single year of rising costs without asking the community to bridge the gap has become possible.”

The full 2016-2017 budget will not be adopted until July however, following a successful motion to cancel a Special Meeting scheduled for 30 June.  Council’s Annual Plan & Budget Estimates for 2016-2017 will now be put forward for adoption on 19 July.

In a busy meeting, Council also adopted the new Code of Conduct, in accordance with the Local Government Amendment (Code of Conduct) Act 2015.  The new code provides a framework for the standard behaviour expected from all Tasmanian Councillors when performing their role.

Other decisions by West Coast Council at its June meeting included:

  • Approval for the Tullah Progress Association to lease a Council building to operate an Op Shop
  • Adoption of the 2016-2017 Fees and Charges
  • Approval for the renaming of the “Zeehan to Comstock Tramway” to “Comstock Rail Trail”
  • Knocking back an offer from the Environmental Protection Authority to install an Air Quality Monitoring station in Queenstown
  • Council by majority deciding not to join the Coalition of Community Organisations Concerned about Gambling
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