West Coast set for rates relief

17 June 2016

West Coast Council will meet on Tuesday night to consider a 0% general rate rise for 2016-2017.

“Council is very mindful of cost of living and financial pressures felt by the West Coast community,” West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers said.  “Should Council pass the proposed rates structure we hope this will be able to provide some relief for residents.”

Council has completed intensive budget preparation work involving consultation with Councillors, staff and the community and the proposed zero general rate rise will still enable the Council to maintain a strong budget position.

 “After eighteen months of consolidation, review and restructure of Council’s operations, we are now in a strong position and confident that we can successfully tackle the many challenges facing our community,” General Manager Dirk Dowling said of the proposed rates.

Tuesday’s meeting will also see councillors consider the 2016-2017 fees and charges and a reviewed Rates Policy, along with a recommendation from Council’s Economic Development, Tourism & Events Coordinator to support the establishment of an op-shop in Tullah through a formal lease agreement with the Tullah Progress Association.

A special meeting of Council will be held on 30 June to adopt the 2016-2017 budget which, on the back of the zero general rate rise, is expected to include a substantial capital works program.

June Council Meeting agenda: June 2016.pdf(10492 kb)

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