Unpaid Rates Auction a success

27 May 2016

An auction of properties by West Coast Council has been a success according to West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers.

“Seventeen of the twenty auction lots have been sold which is a great result,” the Mayor said following the auction.  “The properties listed all had three years or more rates outstanding, totalling just over $68,500 with costs included and to recoup these outstanding debts, even if it takes a while, is fantastic for the community.”

The auction, held at the Council Chambers in Queenstown on 27 May, was conducted by West Coast Realty, with 45 registered bidders and over eighty in attendance.

The auction was conducted following failure by the owners to pay rates.  Two houses and eighteen blocks of land were listed at locations throughout the West Coast, with bids totalling over $340,000. 

The auction is permitted under the Local Government Act 1993 with the balance of monies to be held in trust for three years before being able to be transferred to Council.

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