West Coast Council to commence bridge works

4 March 2016

Queenstown residents will see changes to bridges in King Street and Robertson Street with Council set to commence works scheduled in its 2015-2016 Capital Works budget.

A footbridge in Robertson Street will be removed, following its closure several years ago due to safety concerns. The footbridge is in a low foot-traffic area and will not be replaced.

Coinciding with these works, the King Street Bridge, near the Esplanade/Preston Street intersection will be converted to pedestrian-only use.  This follows an initial reduction in load limit in recent years for safety reasons and structural integrity.  Taking into account engineering reports, bridge age and condition the bridge will now be converted to pedestrian traffic only. 

Residents in both areas have been notified of the works, which align with outcomes highlighted in the West Coast Community Plan 2025.

“We have an extensive bridge network and management and maintenance of Council assets in a sustainable manner is a key strategy included in 2025 Plan.” West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers says. 

“It is expected these works will not have a negative impact on traffic movement in the King Street and Robertson Street areas.  Alternative, close-by routes, are available in both areas and the conversion of King Street to a pedestrian-only access will see the bridge lifespan increase, rather than Council needing to budget a significant amount of money for a replacement.”

The works are expected to be completed in May.

Above: Robertson Street footbridge

Above: King Street Bridge

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