West Coast NBN Campaign Gathers Speed

9 October 2015

Unlike the proposed NBN satellite service, speed is gathering on the West Coast for a change in the type of NBN to be delivered to the region.

Leading organisations, including Copper Mines of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association, have jointly signed a letter from Mayor Vickers to Federal Communications Minister Mitch Fifield and NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow requesting a meeting to discuss a change in policy for the delivery of the internet service on the West Coast.

The letter details the impact a low-quality, unreliable NBN service will have on business and investment on the West Coast, as well as education and health services.

“The community have voiced their disappointment at the apparent disinterest shown by the current government in relation to the NBN rollout for West Coast,” Mayor Phil Vickers says.  “The community and Council are determined to do everything possible to secure a suitable service for West Coast that can act as an economic stimulus for an area that has enormous potential, and a real Community Plan on how to realise that potential moving forward.”

Details on how West Coast residents can provide their views on the proposed service to federal and state government representatives are available on Council’s website.

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