Council Focused on Minimising Revaluation Impact

19 June 2015

West Coast Council has approved a minimum two percent rate rise for 2015-2016, after working intensively to minimise the impact of a municipality-wide government property revaluation on ratepayers.

“As each property was revalued from a zero level and values applied accordingly, there will be some variation in the distribution of rates on properties as a result of fluctuating revaluations,” Mayor Phil Vickers said.

This will impact some ratepayers more than others, with some receiving a less than two percent increase on their individual rates whilst others will receive a higher increase.

Council’s are required to use the most recent valuation data as the basis for determining rates.  The proposed increase takes into account the need to provide sufficient relief for residents, business owners and others in challenging economic times, whilst also allowing Council to keep pace with rising costs and inflation effects.

“We are doing everything we can to keep costs down and deliver quality infrastructure and services the West Coast community expects and deserves,” Mayor Vickers stated.

Council also reminds ratepayers that if they consider their revaluation to be unjust, they have until August 4 to object to the Office of the Valuer-General.

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