West Coast Engagement Period Closing

3 June 2015

There is less than two weeks left for West Coasters to have their say as the West Coast Community Plan 2025 project engagement period draws to a close.

An extensive community engagement process, incorporating seventeen events from information stands, key industry summits, school-based activities and community workshop will wrap up tomorrow with a Youth Summit.

Supported by West Coast schools, the Summit will see youth aged 12-24 years engage in conversation about what they love about the West Coast – and what they would like to see occur in the area over the next decade. 

The ambitious engagement program has seen over 1000 people participate – resulting in over eighteen percent of the West Coast population completing surveys to date.

“The community has embraced the opportunity to become involved with planning for the future,” Mayor Phil Vickers said.  “By ensuring the events are interactive, with Councillors working with residents and stakeholders to identify strengths and opportunities for the region, people have been able to take ownership of the process and have a voice for the future.” Mayor Vickers said.

The community forums have also been an opportunity for residents to receive updates on areas of concern.  The Queenstown Forum yesterday (2nd June) saw Copper Mines of Tasmania Sites and Projects Manager Jared DeRoss and Vedanta CEO Deshnee Naidoo brief participants on the Mt. Lyell Mine.

Surveys can also be completed by both residents and visitors and are available online at the dedicated project website, www.westcoast2025.com.au. Access to the surveys closes on Sunday 14th June, after which a lead consultant will commence data analysis using information gathered from the surveys and engagement activities.

“It’s not too late to be involved – if you’ve missed an event, ensure you have filled out a survey.  We encourage everyone to complete the survey – all ideas and comments have merit and will be included in the project analysis,” Mayor Vickers said.

Council encourages people to visit the dedicated website, www.westcoast2025.com.au, to stay up to date with the project, to complete a survey and register to attend a community workshop.

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