Granville & Trial Communities Kick-off Engagement

4 May 2015

The small coastal communities of Trial Harbour and Granville Harbour were first cab off the rank as the West Coast Council kicked off its community engagement project – the West Coast Community Plan 2025 – on Saturday.

Well supported by approximately twenty-five people at each session, community members were provided with an update on Council and provided the opportunity to ask questions directly to West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers, Councillors and the General Manager.

“What became clear at both workshops was that both of these communities have become relatively self-sufficient over the course of the past decade or so,” Mayor Vickers said.  “However, residents were also very strong in their request for how Council can provide assistance or support in relation to matters such as controlled burns to reduce fire hazards and the Granville wind farm development”.

The workshops were interactive, with the Mayor, Councillors and Council staff working with residents to identify strengths and opportunities for the region, along with weaknesses and threats.

“There were some laughs and some great ideas coming out of Granville and Trial, with fantastic interaction from local youth at the workshops,” Mayor Vickers stated.

“Council needs to provide opportunities for the widest possible participation across the West Coast so that the document compiled as a result of this engagement is a true reflection of what the West Coast wants,” Mayor Vickers said.

The next community workshop will be held at 6pm tomorrow night (Tuesday 5th May) at the Tullah Café, followed by an Education and Training Summit on Friday (8th May) with key local and government stakeholders in attendance.

Council encourages people to visit the dedicated website, www.westcoast2025.com.au, to stay up to date with the project, to complete a survey and register to attend a community workshops.

Youth participating at the Trial Harbour Community Forum

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