2015 Australia Day Award for Citizenship

27 January 2015 (amended: 27 January 2015)

The West Coast Council 2015 Australia Day Award for Citizenship has been awarded to Mr Bern Bradshaw.

Bern was one of twelve children born to Cliff and Gertrude Bradshaw.  Born in 1929 he started work for his father in his early teens mainly sourcing logs for the family sawmill at the Princess River.  Bern continues to this day to be involved in the timber industry.

Mayor Phil Vickers said Bern was reluctant to accept the award claiming there were many people in the community more worthy than he, “I had to disagree and he took some convincing to finally accept.”

Mayor Vickers said Bern and his late wife Margaret had over many years helped lots of individuals and families who had fallen on hard times and were supportive of all charities operating on the West Coast.

Bern is a long time active member of the Masonic Lodge and supported the establishment of the Zeehan Lodge Galley at the West Coast Heritage Centre.

Mayor Vickers said Mr Bradshaw epitomises the true values of a “West coaster”, hardworking, demonstrates good will to others, recognises the value of family and a little more hard work. 

Bern is a true gentleman and a most worthy recipient.

A civic afternoon tea will be held to recognise the award on Wednesday 11th February at the Council Chambers in Queenstown.

11 Sticht Street
PO Box 63
Queenstown TAS 7467