West Coast Ageing Strategy Community Forum

15 April 2019 (amended: 15 April 2019)

On 10th April 2019, the West Coast Council in partnership with KMPG held a community forum to inform the ongoing construction of the West Coast Aged Care Strategy.

The community forum was held for specific, invited community groups and stakeholders, such as the local RSLs, Lions Club and medical professionals, with the intention of maximising community consultation as the Aged Care Strategy develops.

In opening the forum, Deputy Mayor Shane Pitt said:

“The development of the Aged Care Strategy needs to involve the whole community; Council believes this strategy is relevant and much needed for the future of the West Coast.”

The forum was a great success with approximately 15 individuals representing various community groups and stakeholders, along with Councillors and Council Staff in attendance. The forum was presented and led by KPMG’s Associate Director, Roshani Manouchehri. Topics addressed included:

  • ‘Ageing Positively on the West Coast’ survey outcomes
  • What makes a community one that promotes positive ageing?
  • Where the West Coast sits (on a positive ageing spectrum) today
  • The role of health services, transport, housing and medical services in ageing positively
  • The potential of technology to help us age positively

Open conversation was encouraged around the above topics and many interesting and informative perspectives were volunteered by community attendees. 

The West Coast Council would like to thank those who attended the forum as well as the many community members who made their voice heard and filled out an ‘Ageing Positively on the West Coast’ Survey. In conclusion, General Manager David Midson said:

“Following community and stakeholder engagement as well as intensive data analysis in the last few months, Council is aiming to have a draft Strategy available for public feedback sometime in June this year. I encourage everyone in the community to view the final draft and provide feedback before Council adopts the Strategy. After that we can start to implement the solutions and projects that this process has identified.”

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