Henty Gold Mine Job Losses

1 March 2019

The Advocate today reported the loss of approximately 21 jobs at Henty Gold Mine on the West Coast.

“Any loss of jobs has an impact on smaller regions like the West Coast, however we must remain positive and continue to look to the future and the many other opportunities presenting themselves,” West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers said when hearing the announcement. “Hopefully the reduction in employees is temporary for Henty and current exploration will prove successful.”


Council understands the concern this news will cause in the community, but, assures the people of the West Coast that Council will continue working to both support the mining industry and diversify the economy through other avenues.


The Mayor recently met with management at the Henty Mine to discuss future possibilities at the mine and the Granville Wind Farm has commenced construction.  Possibilities involving the visitor economy, education and training are also developing. The prospect of PYBAR, who have some 1200 employees, using Henty Mine as their Australia wide training centre is also encouraging.


“We understand these opportunities can’t happen quickly enough and as a Council we will continue working with the private sector and lobbying government on behalf of our community,” Mayor Vickers said.


Council is yet to learn how many of those losing their job live directly on the West Coast and encourages PYBAR to provide assistance in those employees regarding further employment and retraining.

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