Forever West of Centre

18 October 2018

West Coasters, who are we? Dark humor, drama and story-telling are all parts of our make-up. We have a deeprooted stubbornness, and a history of living with a land rich in resources that creates a conflict between mother nature and mankind.

“You have to be a strong person – you have to be self-sufficient to survive,” Anonymous.

Forever West of Centre, an exhibition, will be on display at The Unconformity this weekend, with West Coast Council acknowledging the festival team for their dedication in delivering this unique, contemporary arts festival.

“With an influx of people to the region, The Unconformity provides an exceptional platform to launch the new West Coast branding, with both the new branding and the festival working to connect West Coast places, people and stories,” Acting General Manager, Eleanor Strang said.

The months of planning, the stories and collective voices of our communities have all come together to design this unique branding personality and we are thrilled to showcase snippets of the West Coast brand.

“By putting the branding journey into the hands of the community a collaborative and unified approach has been built,” said West Coast Council’s Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator, Christine Gray.

“Over 40 hours of interviews with West Coasters was just the starting point, the amazing contribution from across the region has been overwhelming and inspiring and we can’t wait to see where the brand and its rich narrative will take the West Coast,” Ms Gray said.

The exhibition, to be held at the Queenstown Memorial Hall, will not only showcase how the brand can be implemented but will also see the launch of two West Coast films.

“The audience can immerse themselves in these films by watching in a custom-built cinema,” Ms Gray stated. “The films feature West Coasters and our stunning landscapes – hearing the sounds of the environment and words of locals will have quite an impact for the viewer.”

Each film also features music inspired by the West Coast, with a song written by North West musician Clinton Hutton, along with a score composed by UTAS students specifically for the project.

We look forward to seeing you….

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