Acting General Manager and Director of Special Projects Appointed

30 August 2018

At the August General Council Meeting Mayor, Phil Vickers informed Councillors, staff and public in attendance that Dirk Dowling has officially stepped down as the General Manager with his final day being the 28 August 2018. As a result of Dirk’s resignation, Eleanor Strang was sworn in and appointed Acting General Manager for the Council in a unanimous decision.

The West Coast Council is excited about the future of the region and sought to appoint a highly motivated and passionate contractor to deliver three key project initiatives. These projects are an opportunity to create a sustainable and prosperous future for the West Coast.

For the nominated projects to reach the required level of excellence as well as deliver on the critical outcomes and opportunities identified by the community in the West Coast Community Plan 2025, funds were set aside for the 2018/2019 financial year. To drive these projects to their completion a partnership to secure funding with the State Government was also negotiated.

"After a widely publicised recruitment campaign, Dirk Dowling submitted an application for the Director Special Projects, navigated his way through the recruitment process and has been chosen as the successful candidate”, Mayor Vickers said.

“On behalf of all Councillors and Staff we wish to thank Dirk for his efforts and achievements during the last three plus years as the West Coast Council General Manager. We wish him every success in the new role,” he said.

“Also, on behalf of all Councillors and Staff we would like to congratulate Eleanor Strang on her newly appointed Acting General Manager role and know that this role will further highlight her dedication to Council and the West Coast region,” Mayor Vickers said.

Recruitment for the new General Manager Role will commence in September 2018

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