Visitor Information Centre is the booking platform for local travel operator Tassie4Kids

8 August 2018

As part of the wider West Coast Community Plan 2025, the West Coast Visitor Information Centre is excited to announce a partnership with a start-up business, Tassie4Kids, owned and operated by West Coast residents. Council will partner with Tassie4Kids in this exciting new venture by using the West Coast Visitor Information Centre in Strahan as a direct operator booking engine for the Tasmanian travel website.

Through our partnership with Bookeasy, the Visitor Centre will assist Tassie4Kids by managing bookings and payments on their behalf. Website visitors will be able to make bookings without being directed to an alternative website to finalise payment. This third-party agreement will allow Tassie4Kids to convert their website traffic into real-time data, they will not need to establish their own online payment system and it will provide access to a modern, responsive and customised booking platform.

Dirk Dowling, West Coast Council General Manager says that this is an opportunity to further support the West Coast tourism industry as well as locally owned and operated businesses.

“We are leading the way by partnering with a local business to offer this service, which to our knowledge is the only partnership of its kind in Tasmania,” he said.

‘By continuing to develop innovative ways of operating, the West Coast Council is strengthening the economic development and business opportunities for our region,’ Mr Dowling said.

“We are breaking new ground here, this partnership is a new concept to Council and through positive communication, we will lead the way for other tourism operators in Tasmania’, he said.

Tassie4Kids owner operator Amy Joseph says that her concept provides a travel website solely focusing on the family. It is built on key relationships and insider knowledge backed up by significant experience in the travel industry.

“Tassie4Kids is taking you beyond a destination. Taking you to another world of imagination and wonder. No matter the place, Tassie4kids will take you there”, she said.

“When families travel they want value. A genuine experience with opportunities to share and create memories”, Ms Joseph said.

The West Coast Council commends Tassie4Kids on the exceptional work completed to date and looks forward to working collaboratively to accelerate tourism in our region.



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