Queenstown Town Blitz

12 June 2018

West Coast General Manager Dirk Dowling said Queenstown will be at the centre of a works blitz on Tuesday next week.

The blitz will see teams from across Council’s Works and Operations section undertake various essential works all in one day.

“Next Tuesday, more than 10 employees from across Council’s Works and Operations section will be doing stormwater cleaning in both the kerb and channel and open drains, footpath maintenance including removing weeds and weather permitting brush cutting, as well as tree removal,” Mr Dowling said.

“This is a relatively new initiative and following a successful day in Rosebery late last year the idea is to get depot staff from across the West Coast all working together on one day.”

Mr Dowling said there were several benefits to the program. 

“This initiative not only helps the public understand what the Council works team does, it also allows the transfer of skills between different teams in Council’s Works and Operations section,” Mr Dowling said.

“The plan is to have similar activities in all of the major towns in the West Coast on a regular basis.”

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