Council to take on Queenstown Mountain Bike Gravity Trail

1 June 2018

West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers said Council would be taking control of the proposed Queenstown Mountain Bike (MTB) Gravity Trail from the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS).

Council will receive a Deed of Grant for $500,000 towards the completion of the project from PWS.

“While the Queenstown MTB Project was initially conceived by the State Government, Council was approached to take control of and eventually construct the trail,” Mayor Vickers said.

“Following extensive negotiations Council agreed to take this project on at the Ordinary Meeting in May and will now consider the next steps.”

Council, in its role as the Planning Authority had previously considered and approved a Development Application for the project.

“The task now is to consider what resources we currently have that can be applied to this important project and what other resources we need to consider; and to undertake an in-depth analysis regarding the scope, design and possible tender processes involved,” Mayor Vickers said.

Mayor Vickers said Council’s control of the project means we can explore opportunities for private sector involvement, as part of the work up of the project.

“Local businesses, the general public and other stakeholders can now be fully engaged at this early stage of development, which will ensure that all opportunities for construction, operation, branding, cooperative marketing, and even leveraging the final asset as part of a broader MTB experience on the West Coast can be explored,” Mayor Vickers said.

“This approach will also allow the community more generally to take an ownership of this important project.”

Mayor Vickers said the Queenstown MTB Project would complement other trails constructed and already designed by PWS. “Council’s decision to take on this project will ensure that we can work on a wider strategy for mountain bike trails on the West Coast,” Mayor Vickers said.

“There is also a great opportunity to promote all of the trails with the receipt already of a $20,000 grant from the State Government once the West Coast Branding exercise is finalised this calendar year.”

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