Access to Tullah Pioneer Cemetery to be restored

1 June 2018

West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers said Council would begin construction of a new pathway for public access to the Tullah Pioneer Cemetery in the next few weeks.

Previous access to the cemetery was closed following the sale of a property through an unpaid rates auction.

“Following the sale of the property the new owner erected fences, which closed the existing access,” Mayor Vickers said.

“Since this occurred Council has worked proactively to obtain alternative access to the cemetery.”

Mayor Vickers said several sites were investigated, with the best option identified as being Crown Land.

“Council subsequently entered into negotiations with Crown Land to obtain a licence to utilise this land to construct a new pathway to the cemetery,” Mayor Vickers said.

“Council has now endorsed this licence and once it is signed off by Crown Land we will begin construction of the new access.”

Mayor Vickers said the total cost of the process, including a land survey was about $2000.

Council is currently undertaking a study into all our cemeteries on the West Coast to plan for their future use and the important part they play (including our pioneer cemeteries).

“I wish to thank Tullah residents and indeed the Tullah Progress Association for their patience while this matter regarding the Tullah Pioneer Cemetery has been negotiated,” Mayor Vickers said.

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