West Coast Targets Google Search

24 May 2018

West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers said Council had written a letter to Google to ask it to consider setting up its Australian headquarters on the West Coast.

The idea was put up by West Coast Councillor Scott Stringer following reports in the media that Tasmanian Senator Jonathon Duniam had written a letter to Google to ask it to consider Tasmania for its Australian base.

“This opportunity is one too good to miss and we hope Google take it seriously,” Mayor Vickers said.

“With the NBN finally starting its rollout here on the West Coast there is certainly no reason for the West Coast to not be in the mix.”

Mayor Vickers said the letter took a humourous approach that aligned with work underway on the establishment of a West Coast brand.

“Rather than simply ruling ourselves out of the race for such a proposal, Council has agreed to have a go and hopefully this gathers some interest in our region,” Mayor Vickers said.

“As I state in my letter I think the West Coast’s determination and spirit would make a perfect match for Google’s pioneering approach.”

Mayor Vickers said he would be sending a copy of the letter to both Senator Duniam and Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman and welcomed any support they could provide.

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