Next Iconic Walk

The State Government has commited to investing up to $20 million to deliver Tasmania’s next iconic multi-day, hut-based walk.

West Coast Council is pleased to support the following submissions:

The Philosopher's Tale

Prepared by Destination West Coast, the concept of The Philosophers’ Tale is driven by a powerful narrative exploring the way that man has shaped this environment and vice versa over the past two hundred years. In 1859 Charles Gould passed through the area and named the peaks of the West Coast Range after the prominent minds of his day, hence the name, The Philosophers’ Tale.

The submission is available for viewing below:

The Philosophers'  Tale submission covering letter

The Philosophers' Tale - full submission

The Macquarie Harbour Trail

Prepared by Paul and Caroline Dutton, the concept of The Macquarie Harbour Trail is a one way 35km managed walk from Teepookana (near Strahan) to Pillinger (near Queenstown) along Macquarie Harbour, where walkers can experiencing stunning scenery and convict, pioneering and Aboriginal history.

The submission is available for viewing below:

The Macquarie Harbour Trail(9619 kb)

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